Love Letter from The Joker




Receive a personalized love letter from boulevard bad boy, The Joker.  The letter can be made to a crush as well.  He can pen a note ranging from subtle and sweet to dangerously hardcore and x-rated.  Be sure to let us know in the note section of your payment.




All money goes to The Joker

Personal Nude Rendering by The Goddess Bunny


Receive a personal artistic 'fake nude' rendering of yourself or a loved one by The Goddess Bunny herself. She has a catalogue of hundreds of different fake nudes she has created of celebrities, musicians, and entertainers from all decades.

Be her next masterpiece!

All money goes to The Goddess Bunny

Custom Sign by Homeless Mother Fucker




Homeless Mother Fucker is notorious for his offensive homeless signs.  You might have seen him offering "Free Vagina/Mangina Massa‍‍ges" or to "Body slam my ass and gimme some."


You may now have a sign of your own. Personalize it or let Homeless Mother Fucker create one for you.  Great gift for every holiday.


All money goes to Homeless Mother Fucker

Song Performed by Canada the Asshole Emperor


Canada the Asshole Emperor is great at playing guitar and singing. Let him record a song for you, a loved one, or your business. 

Canada can also travel to perform live. Travel rates may vary.

All money goes to Canada the Asshole Emperor